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Casino Affiliate Solution

Launch a casino affiliate site in just days.
Affilio™ takes care of the design, front-end and CMS, allowing you to focus on content and link building.

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Launch a site
in just days.

Faster time to market with a versatile, brandable, SEO ready design. Cloud-based architecture that scales with content. Fast, cookieless and localisable. Built with all the important things in mind.

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A versatile design that fits any color, font and shape

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SEO Ready

Edit everything from headline to structured data

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Translate static content in minutes for the whole site

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No cookie consent required with base setup

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Pagespeed optimized for search engine ranking

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Up to 40 category pages, any number of reviews

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White label
that looks great.

Affilio™ is built from scratch with a clean and versatile design system that can handle any color palette, font, logo or style setting.
Your white label casino affiliate site will feel like it's a private label.

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Why go
white label?

The Affilio™ white label casino affiliate solution is built on an industry standard wireframe, has a long list of features that you will need and use, looks great, loads fast, and you can start uploading content in just days. So why not?

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Affilio's white label casino affiliate websites use the latest web technologies to deliver pages fast. Static HTML is generated with each change saved in the CMS, so visitors only download pre-calculated pages.

Affilio™ is integrated with a powerful headless CMS technology that is a lot easier to use than conventional content management systems. Only the important things are visible in the interface, no getting lost in unnecessary menus. Pages are easy to edit and create, and they will always load fast, since visitors will only download static HTML.

Better SEO
With Affilio™

Google has shifted its SERP calculation recently and now considers page speed to be one of the most important factors for ranking. So for a good SEO, you'll need a platform that can deliver 3 thousand (or even more) words long pages in a blink. Affilio™ does exactly that.

You can also get to the top spot with rich results; three kinds of interchangeable (default: website JSON, review JSON and FAQ JSON) Schema JSON fields can also earn you a lot of page views. Optimised for search engines, you'll have all the necessary tools to get to - and stay in the top spot. Your content will thrive!

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Built-in Compliance

Affilio™ offers compliance options for your new casino affiliate website, no matter which market it targets. You can set footer legal text, include a responsible gaming page, add organisations' logos with links from an extensive list, or even create new ones on your own. Missing something? Let us know, and we will add it to Affilio™.

Take control of your
outbound links.

To make it clear for search engines which links on your page needs to be crawled (and which ones to leave out), we built in options for "rel" attributes. Set each link however it works the best for you. Set one or more tags from a list of presets: follow (if field is left blank), nofollow, noopener, noreferrer, noindex, sponsored and/or external.

List of Features

• Your logo
• Your brand colors
• Variable font options
• Round to sharp corners
• Grid or rows list view
• Background image (optional)¹
• fits any screen size

• Fast page loads
• Cookie-less
• Schema JSON options
• Momentum scrolling
• Full screen mode
• Animated transitions
• Static HTML

• Easy to use interface
• Your custom categories
• Create Review / Main Pages
• Organize Menu Entries
• Translate all text content
• Limit reviews list length
• Compliance & link settings

• Free Cloud based hosting²
• Reusable database³
• Headless CMS
• Generated HTML pages
• Dynamic page rebuilds
• User experience focused
• Dynamic Sitemap xml

¹ Custom background illustration not included.
² Free hosting up to 100GB Bandwidth / Month (approximately 500,000 page loads / month for 200kb pages)
³ Content and presentation are decoupled in architecture - easier content integration into future platforms (mobile app, IoT, etc.)

NFT? Elections?
Olympics? No problem.

Affilio™ is future-proofed with custom categories, so you won't miss out on emerging hot topics while waiting for a website change to be developed. Add new custom categories to filter reviews whenever it's needed.

No Vendor Lock-in:
Keep your Freedom

Affilio's smart architecture handles your content decoupled from code, so you can reuse it later in a mobile app, or a platform that does not even exist yet. Handling data separate from code gives you a lot of freedom for the future.

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Want to start a
casino affiliate site?

To get started, send a quote request below, and you'll receive a reply shortly. To speed up the process of going live (only takes a few days), you can send your logo, brand colors, background image (optional, 1920x1080px) and font(s) (variable font recommended). That is all you need to get started.

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Want to migrate
an existing site?

It is possible to migrate an existing website to the Affilio™ network. To do so, you have to prepare your content in front matter formatting in markdown files (.md) based on the page structure templates for the main pages and the review pages.
You can download the page templates below.

Download Templates (.md)

Join the Affiliate

Do you know someone who is planning to launch their new casino affiliate website? Look no further, let's make a deal. Connect us and when they join the Affilio™ platform (by purchasing a white label casino affiliate website - paid in full), you get your cut from their spending up to €1,000* ( one time fee / new client). Pretty nice deal, right?

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* Includes VAT where applicable. Valid invoice required for fee payments.

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About Affilio™

Affilio™ is a new brand from iGaming Studio™ (iGS). With every Affilio™ white label casino affiliate website, you get the same technological and artistic skills that made iGS the top design agency for iGaming brands. With 15 years of experience in iGaming (iGS since 2018) and conventional advertising, plenty of design and development awards (25 awards to date), you are in good hands.
Affilio was born to fill a huge gap in the iGaming industry by offering an option for affiliate businesses to launch new casino affiliate sites quickly, efficiently, and with very little preparation. What already works well for hundreds of casinos is now available for casino affiliates too. Affilio is the first in the iGaming industry to offer a white label solution for casino affiliate businesses.
Don't miss out on a new market gap you've found, launch your Affilio white label casino affiliate website in just a matter of days! Need something else or have a different vision? We can help you, get in touch with iGaming Studio™.

The White Label Casino
Affiliate Solution

Affilio™ offers casino affiliates and iGaming affiliates a solution that is easier to use, more affordable and takes a lot less time to launch. Gain the trust of your visitors with your site's speed, structure and attention to detail in both design and code.

The white label casino affiliate solution is built on a technology that is called Jamstack, which combines pre-rendering (web pages requested by the visitors' browser are already flat html pages unlike with conventional CMS - eg. Wordpress - where the pages are built from pieces when a visitor clicks on the page's link) and decoupling (content of the website is handled separately from the code of the website) to deliver web pages faster, more secure and also makes the site owners future easier by allowing scalability. This means that the content of the website is not directly stored on the server where the CMS is used, you only edit the files that receive the data entered in fields of the content management system. This collection of data will form documents of all the casinos, and pages in a format that is readable by non-developers as well, and can easily be used for different platforms in the future. To name a few: voice search, mobile application, Internet of Things (or IoT), quantum computing or any platform that delivers content in some shape or form. Even platforms that don't even exist yet.

The application wireframe that the white label affiliate platform is built on is a result of an extensive market research, seeking the most popular features that are currently used by the top casino affiliates around the world. Attention to details is key to success, and the success of our partners is a success for Affilio™ too. The content structure of the pages offer a conventional way of starting with H1 and intro text (with a long text option on the back side of the top card) for each pages. This is a structure that every SEO expert knows too well. Following the introduction, we have the list of casinos (or Sportsbooks) fit in to show without scrolling on most mobile phones (and desktop as well) - the visitor has an option to generate revenue for you, straight away. These pages can have their own unique filters entered by the the owner of the site. This gives a lot of freedom for the future, as we can't predict what kind of technology will appear overnight and take the world by storm. Having an option for unique tags means you can add pages filtering casinos or Sportsbooks for any topic. Think about olympics, elections or events that only happen every now and then.

Designing a platform that is both modern and flexible enough to work with any colour scheme, font, styling option, brand and background is no easy task. Affilio™ is proud to offer a product that you can make your own, and will reflect your brand. No two white label casino affiliate looks alike (if not intentionally) with the stylistic options that the platform offers. The page structure is currently static (you can't arrange the sections of the pages), but there are plans for an alternative option with page building features called Affilio Pro™ (currently in planning phase). The pro version will contain features like:dark mode, multiple languages, enterprise page structure, page structure building, and other features that are requested the most by our partners.

Clean code is the key for websites to perform well in ranking and other performance tests. This is important for SEO as performance tests are run through the code of the website when a search engine looks for results to rank. Every page that was ever added to any search engine by bots or humans will earn a page performance score that affects the ranking algorithm of the engine. So to make sure the pages are loved by search engines, the code is optimised in every aspect to tick everything off of page speed testing websites' to do lists. This makes it easier to earn the top spot in the results pages of search engines. One of these page speed testing websites is Google's, so there is no doubt that they use a similar algorithm when testing the performance of pages for ranking purposes. Therefore it is a good idea to perform well on page speed testing websites.

A smooth user flow works hand in hand with animated page transitions. To maximise the speed of your white label casino affiliate site, the animated page transitions can be removed on request. This in return grants the website a 98-100 google page speed score on mobile, depending on how fast the internet traffic is at the time of the measurement. Data based on measurements of fully functioning affiliate website with back-end connected in May of 2022. However, by removing page transitions, we also have to remove full screen mode, since both rely on the same technology (called XHR or AJAX). This approach only updates the html code partially when a user clicks a link, and directs the browser to display the correct url in the address bar. This is crucial for full screen mode to work. (note: desktop google speed score of the white label affiliate platform is already 100 with page transitions, but as the audience turned to mobile phones in majority, it is offered as an adjustment option to counter page speed score penalty caused by the longer block of code that makes page transitions possible).

Our white label casino affiliate solution does not use any cookies, because cookieless is the future. You can even use Google Analytics without cookies. A business website without cookies was unheard of in the past 10 years or so, but gdpr changed that. Big tech companies started to think about alternative solutions that does not breach the privacy of your website's visitors. Tracking without storing the ip address is one of these options. The future of the internet meshes with personal privacy regulations, so the best option for all website owner is to get rid of unnecessary cookies. The best in this approach is you don't need to force each new visitor to approve a cookie consent before starting to interact with your page. Just like before GDPR regulations in 2018, but in a privacy conscious way.

Affilio™ combines decade long design experience in iGaming with clean coding skills and an easy to use CMS with future-proofing characteristics and features. The Affilio™ platform is a top design agency quality standard product for a lower price than building a whole affiliate website with backend by an agency of similar quality level. Affilio™ is the first in the iGaming industry to offer casino affiliates an option to launch a new website as quick as possible without sacrificing on quality in both design and development.

Design & dev by iGS

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